Outdoor Patio / Smoking Heaters



Quartz Electric Heaters


Out-of-your-way, instant-on, Quartz Heaters let you enjoy your patio even on cool evenings. All-season outdoor quartz heaters can mount up on a wall, out of your way and out of your sightline, to make your hospitality even “warmer”!


Quartz heat lamps produce heat instantly. A 1200 watt heat source can heat approximately a 10 x 10 area when mounted eight feet off the ground (or the average area of patio table with six chairs).


It’s safe, odourless, and turns on with a flick of the switch; no fuel supply needed! Electric quartz and infrared heaters are much safer than propane or gas heaters!


There is no open flame burner to worry about, so that also means they are better for the environment.


Efficient and cost effective, over 90% of the input energy is converted directly to radiant heat. Lamp life for quartz technology is rated up to 1100 hours, and depending on use, can last you several years before even changing a bulb.

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