Emergency Lighting Leeds

MPS Electrical conduct routine maintenance of emergency lighting installations in Leeds & full emergency lighting installations in residential houses, industrial unit, offices & commercial shops.

Compulsory locations under BS 5266 are:

  • At stairs to illuminate each step
  • Change of direction
  • At each exit door
  • Safety signs
  • Each final exit point
  • Fire alarm call point
  • Intersections
  • Change of floor level
  • Fire fighting equipment / First Aid
  • Fire Systems install, service and maintain emergency lighting systems

What is emergency lighting in Leeds ?

Emergency lighting is a self-descriptive term. It is of course lighting for an emergency, whether it be caused by fire - when it is essential to quickly locate fire fighting equipment and identify exit routes from the premises, or break in the normal lighting supplies leading to sudden darkness and the resultant hazard to human life, either through physical danger or panic.

Emergency lighting is normally required to operate fully automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable persons of all ages to evacuate the premises safely.


Domestic Lighting Leeds


MPS Install indoor & outdoor LED lighting in Leeds for the Domestic Dwelling, we install low voltage spot lights, Security lighting, mains voltage spot lights and fixed fittings, wall lighting, track lighting and LED plinth lighting for that extra special affect. We also install LED shelf lighting and shelf lights to spice up your bathroom or kitchen.


Commercial Lighting Leeds


MPS install Commercial lighting to office blocks & Retail Outlets, we install designer low and high bay lighting, Recessed& surface CAT 2 modular lighting, track lighting & CDMT/HQI wall display lighting.

MPS has fifteen years experience in the Commercial sector, we can design a lighting layout to suit your needs or install to your specification.



Industrial Lighting Leeds


MPS install industrial lighting to suit the most rigorous environment, we offer IP & mechanical protection rolled into one as standard, call us and we can advise what you need in your working environment. We now offer high & low bay LED lighting packages to retro fit older warehouse industrial lighting systems to cost efficient energy saving high luminaires LED lighting. All our staff are IPAF trained and we provide our own high access lift equipment to access tricky lighting locations.

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